Draytek Authorised Dealer

City Communications is proud to be accepted as a Draytek Authorised Dealer. We look forward to stocking all DrayTek products and offering support to our DrayTek clients. DrayTek was established in 1997, bringing together some of the leading minds in the then emerging Broadband and Datacommunications industries. DrayTek's product lines range from enterprise-level Firewall Security, VPN [...]

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New website launched

Our old website was nearly 2 years old and we thought it was time to replace the old site and make it with a cleaner, more advanced website that better represents our work. We’ve refreshed the content and tied it to our three key product categories, as well as introducing a fresher look and [...]

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Gboly Ariyibi

  City Communications are pleased to sponsor Chesterfield winger Gboly Ariyibi for the 2016/17 season. Born in Arlington, Virginia in the United States, Ariyibi started his youth career at English club Southampton in 2005 after being spotted playing for Oxford youth side Quarry Rovers. He came through the youth ranks with future first team regulars [...]

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How to transfer a .com domain name

  Step 1 : Unlock your domain Many domain name registrars lock a .com domain name so it can not be transferred. This can provide security benefits and stop anyone trying to steal your domain name but can also result in a domain transfer to fail. To unlock your domain name, you will need [...]

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Book Your Free Consultation

Here at City Communications, we have saved businesses across Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire thousands of pounds a year by simply making sure that the right services are in place and they are on the correct tariffs for the needs of the business. We often find businesses have been sold a product that doesn’t suit them or [...]

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Missed Call Scams

If you receive a missed call on your mobile phone from a number you don't recognise, think twice before calling it back. That's because there's a chance if you do ring back, you'll fall victim to a scam which could leave you out of pocket. The following explains more about 'missed call' scams, how to [...]

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Abandoned and Silent Calls

The phone rings, you rush to answer but there's no-one on the line. Abandoned and silent calls can be annoying and irritating at the best of times for any business. But for some people – for example, those living alone – these calls can be particularly frightening. City Communications explains more about these calls, what can cause them [...]

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Part-time Business Administrator Position

City Communications are currently looking for a motivated and passionate individual to fulfil a part-time Business Administrator position. Desired skills: Computer Literate Able to provide a high level of customer service Able to use your own initiative Personal qualities: Positive attitude Confident Passionate and motivated Your duties will include: Keeping up to date with Business [...]

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