It is now much easier for millions of consumers to change to a new broadband or landline deal.

Earlier this summer the process of switching between providers who use the Openreach telecoms network – such as BT, EE, Sky and TalkTalk – became simpler and smoother.

A new ‘one touch’ process now places the responsibility for the broadband or landline switch entirely in the hands of the company to which the customer is moving.

Previously consumers wanting to change provider faced a number of different switching processes, depending on who they were moving from and to, and the type of service being switched.

‘One touch’ process

Often consumers had to contact their existing provider to obtain a code to give to their new provider. That process could be confusing and time consuming and deter consumers from moving to a better deal.

Under the new system, consumers no longer need to cancel their contract with their old provider. Instead, the whole switching process is handled by their new supplier on their behalf.

Once the switching process is under way, the consumer receives written confirmation from both the old and new provider. If the consumer changes their mind, they can cancel the switch.


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