“I know half of my marketing works, I just don’t know which half.’

Whether you are attending an exhibition, having a brochure or website produced you need to have a measurement on the specific ‘leads’ generated by each marketing tool. Only then can you measure if a specific ‘lead generation tool’ is working for you.

Two really cost effective ways are:

Put a specific web address on any literature or adverts produced, for example www.yourdomain.co.uk/expo, then within your web stats you will be able to see how many visits to your website were made using that web address.

Use a non geographic telephone number, a telephone number beginning with 0845or 0870, these numbers record the phone number and times of any calls made so you will know exactly how many leads were generated from a specific marketing tool.

If you are spending £5000  a year on marketing and only £2500 is working for you vey implementing this simple procedure you could double your marketing results inside the first year and quadruple the following year.


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